Offroad cars 4x4 

Race open to all vehicles, prepared and unprepared, but with specific equipment as stipulated in the Race Rules. The types of cars envisaged for participation in the Raid Cup are :

·       OFFROAD CARS 4X4 cat.F1 ( Vintage until 1994 )

·       OFFROAD CARS   4x4  cat.F2 Original ( from 1995 until 2500cc )

·       OFFROAD CARS   4x4  cat.F3 Original ( from 1995 up 2500cc )

·       OFFROAD CARS   4X4 cat. F4 Raid Sport ( prepared vehicles )


Race open to all motorbikes as stated in the Race Rules. The motorbike categories for participation in the Raid Cup are :

·       MOTORBIKE until 500cc   cat. M1

·       MOTORBIKE up to 500cc  cat. M2

·       MOTORBIKE Twin-cylinder cat. M3


Race open to all ATVs and SSVs as provided for in the Race Rules.


Race open to all Quads as laid down in the Race Rules


Also this year the ATLAS Desert Raid Cup opens up the Vintage category. A unique category, which needs no introduction, but which will certainly give newer vehicles a run for their money, because it is not age that counts, but experience. ( Race Rules  )

Race navigation

Navigation system with SAT equipment for GPX tracks as stipulated in the Race Rules.

Relaxing after the day...

There will also be the experience of living a few evenings in bivouacs set up with every comfort. Sitting around a fire with all the participants at the end of a race day, savouring a cool desert evening, tasting typical Tunisian cuisine and enjoying a fantastic sunset that will remain in your heart forever.

Obligatory equipment !

The desert race is all about the unexpected Indispensable equipment for every need is a must. You will find everything you need to participate for each type of vehicle in the Race Rules. If you have any doubts, please contact the organisation by e-mail: