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For all motoring enthusiasts,
3rd ATLAS Desert Raid
starts on 23 November


What is the ATLAS Desert Raid Cup 

It is a true competitive event organised in collaboration with Miglio Corse, Offroad Italia Service 360 and the ASI 4x4 National Off-road Sector of reference to ASI Nazionale (Italian Sporting and Social Associations), one of the most relevant Sports Promotion Institution in the national and international sporting field . The race consists of GPS tracks of no less than 1,700 km in the Tunisian desert and is divided into sectoral stages with assessment tests of skill and orientation (PVO), where speed has no parameter of merit but it is the technical driving and orientation skills that are the determining factor in the classification. All technical tests take place on dirt and sandy tracks with the exception of transfers.

The Atlas Desert Raid Cup takes place in both two- and four-wheel off-road vehicles. The route, just as in the various stages of the Dakar and the World Rally Championship, is divided into transfer sections and test sections. In the former, all competitors drive on public roads where they must comply with the rules of the highway code, while in the latter, they can experience the adventure of the route with technical tests, trying to complete it with as few penalties as possible. Competitors must be technically prepared for unconventional driving, fast and in good physical shape, as they drive their vehicles over rough terrain where tyre punctures and mishaps can be very common. A good knowledge of mechanics is an advantage for the crew and a tool kit is essential.

All participants must also be able to read the track in front of them in order to spot any hidden obstacles in an almost infinite variety of terrain and at the same time maintain a suitable speed so as not to get stuck in the sand. Along the route of the Raid Cup we find sand dunes, rocky roads and even muddy areas. All drivers are required to navigate from one point to another along the route by passing their vehicles at a certain distance from Waypoints (checkpoints) scattered along the way, all relying on their GPS and on-board instruments. Failing to follow the GPS track at the Raid means wasting a lot of time or even incurring penalties. It cannot be ruled out that an excursion to an area not included in the route may cause mechanical damage to one's vehicle.

The race is open to historic and modern 4x4 off-road vehicles, motorbikes, quads, ATVs, SSVs. In this edition, the track will be even more spectacular, innovative and fun. Let's make room for everyone! There are no less than nine vehicle categories between cars and motorbikes that can compete in the Cup Race category, and those who only wish to participate as tourists may do so in the Adventure category, bringing along their families.

How did the ATLAS Desert Raid Cup come about?

The Atlas Desert Raid Cup is the brainchild of its creator Paolo Di Pinto, a racing car driver and organiser of international level races. Everything for him is a challenge, and this one too has been since the first edition, in a world where one does not race on asphalt, but off-road in the Sahara desert. A new experience that gave the ASI 4x4 National Off-road Sector with its manager Roberto Martini the opportunity to unite the two worlds, cars and off-road. They were joined by a very prominent person in the motorcycling world, Ugo Filosa, who with Offroad Italia, brought an important innovation to the Raid. In fact, in the 2024 edition, motorbikes will also be admitted with no less than three categories: Quad, ATV and SSV.
The ATLAS is not a simple desert tour but a real race where speed is not the determining factor. Orientation, navigation and the team spirit will make the difference. A formula suitable for everyone, which guarantees fun with a true spirit of adventure and competition. All in extreme safety. Constant remote GPS tracking, technical and medical assistance for every eventuality where nothing is left to chance, with a route suitable for all that creates adrenalin-fuelled emotions where both physical and mental endurance are crucial given the fascinating but difficult environmental conditions. The desert is a beautiful place where the sand and landscape change shape and colour every hour but is anything but sociable. In the desert, there is no margin for error.
The ATLAS Desert Raid Cup is an official international race, with the clearance of the relevant Italian sports institution, the approval of the Tunisian government, and the clearance of the FTA, the Tunisian Automobile Federation. The Atlas Desert Raid Cup is within everyone's reach, even though it is a sporting event in which one can also participate in "Adventure" mode, that is, following the same route as the cars involved in the race but without any ranking. To discover the desert, to prepare for new adventures.

When does it take place the ATLAS Desert Raid Cup 2024 ?

The Atlas Desert Raid Cup 2024 starts with the departure from Tunis on 24th November and then continues, on the following day Monday 25th November, with the scheduled Prologue, and ends with Stage 6 on Saturday 30th November. On 1st December, the start is set for the transfer to Tunis and the embarkation return journey.

Where does it take place the ATLAS Desert Raid Cup 2024 ?

For the third consecutive time in its history, the Desert Raid Cup is being held entirely in Tunisia. The competitors will start from the city of Hammamet, then head to Douz for the start of the prologue at the famous Camelodrome and a specially devised external track. Afterwards, the participants will head towards Matmata, Ain Essebat and Tembaine. Return to Douz on a Douz-Douz loop trail. The following day, return to Tunis for embarkation.

How many stages are there in the ATLAS Desert Raid Cup 2024?

The Raid Cup consists of five stages and nine Special Stages, plus a Prologue that opens the event on 25th November.

What are the rules of the ATLAS Desert Raid Cup 2024?

The Atlas Desert Raid Cup is a major international off-road race. It is not a speed race in the absolute sense.
The discriminating factor for ranking purposes will be the achievement of the highest number of imposed Waypoints marked on the GPS map that will be provided to the participants and which will take them through the individual Trials. Competitors will travel on public roads to reach the start line of the individual special stages: failure to reach the start at the pre-established time entails penalties in points which are then added to the penalties given for not reaching the Way Points.

The specific route will be given to participants at the start of the race, when the track in GPX format will be handed over to the competitors to be uploaded into the mandatory on-board GPS tracking system for each vehicle. The GPS system with the uploaded track is the only source of specific indications for reaching Waypoints and avoiding obstacles scattered along the route. The competitors race off-road in the Sahara desert on mainly sandy terrain but also on Pipe Line and and dirt tracks in an attempt to complete the stages with as few penalties as possible, trying to find their way over terrain unknown and sometimes treacherous terrain to reach the imposed Waypoints.

See the full regulation anyway ( Race Rules)

How do the ATLAS 2024 competitors orient themselves?

Vehicles are equipped with GPS and must follow the track on their GPS, which, as mentioned above, indicates the exact route, the positioning of the Waypoints and the distances to and between each of them. Obstacles along the way are part of the game, and can sometimes cause the vehicle to temporarily deviate from the original track. Crews must always return to the original track as soon as possible to reach the next waypoint.

What are the different categories of ATLAS vehicles?

In the 2024 edition of the Atlas Desert Raid Cup, competitors will "do battle" in nine categories: Car, Motorcycle, Quad, ATV and SSV.

The Categories are :         

    ·        OFFROAD CARS 4X4 cat.F1 ( Vintage until 1994 )

    ·       OFFROAD CARS  4x4  cat.F2 Original ( from 1995 up to 2500cc )

    ·       OFFROAD CARS  4x4  cat.F3 Original ( from 1995 over 2500cc )

    ·       OFFROAD CARS  4X4 cat. F4 Raid Sport ( prepared vehicles )

    ·       ATV/SSV

    ·       QUAD

    ·       MOTORBIKE up to 500cc  cat. M1

    ·       MOTORBIKE over 500cc cat. M2

    ·       MOTORBIKE Twin-cylinder cat. M3

    The Vintage category was added in 2022 and features vintage vehicles that have made off-road history. Despite the age of some of them, it should come as no surprise that the route of the stages will create an exciting competition where it is not speed that counts, but technique and experience in tackling the obstacles along the way. Above all, the 'clash' with the most modern vehicles and drivers with different driving experiences, some perhaps even new to the desert, will be exciting.

Where can I follow the competitors in the competition?

Don't miss daily updates on the ATLAS Desert Raid Cup 2024: check out rankings and results, read our race reports and enjoy photos, videos and interviews on our Facebook page ( Facebook  ) .

In addition, competitors will be able to give their loved ones friends and acquaintances, the satellite link that will be provided by the organisation.
The race can then be followed directly and comfortably from home.
The same link will then be uploaded on the website and social page, so anyone can log on and follow the various rankings.

What is the ATLAS ADVENTURE category?

The Adventure category within the Atlas Desert Raid Cup, is not a true race category. The Raid Cup has opened up the possibility after the third year of competition, also to people who want to experience the desert without having to think about any reference ranking. The Adventure category is open to all people who want to live a new experience and emotion, following the same route as the drivers, living with them the everyday problems of the race and their vehicles. Above all experience the thrill of being all together around a fire in the bivouacs to tell each other about adventures and motoring experiences they have just lived. In short, living the dream in one of the most beautiful and enchanting places in the world. The Adventure category is also suitable for families and groups of friends.

Where do you eat and sleep during the ATLAS Raid Cup?

The Atlas Desert Raid Cup leaves it up to the participants, whether Race Cup or Adventure, to organise themselves as they see fit, also according to their own experience and travel equipment. The organisation therefore leaves the choice between: only Registration (Race or Adventure) or Registration with Hospitality Package.

The Hospitality package includes nights in hotels and two nights in camps highly equipped for a dream bivouac. Dinners and lunch packs are of course
included. Those who come equipped can decide to have a wild experience in the desert and the comforts will be determined by your organisation. What will not be lacking, however, is the possibility of being in a group. Those who decide to be autonomous with food and accommodation and therefore do not take advantage of the hospitality package will, for safety reasons, always stay in the vicinity of the organisation and any reception facilities. Please note that it is strictly forbidden to drive in the desert at night and at the end of each stage everyone must stop their cars at the parc fermé that will be set up from time to time. For all needs, please contact the organisation by e-mail or telephone ( Contacts)

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